Fed up following an umbrella?

Want to spend your day ashore doing what you want to do - not waiting for others?

But don't want to spend a fortune on a private guide?

Want to ‘go it alone’ but not sure where to start?

Overwhelmed by too many choices and language barriers?

If you like the idea of a perfect self-guided day ashore - but with all the research, planning and hard work done for you,

then you need portExplore Concierge...

What is portExplore Concierge and how can it help me?

Good Question! It’s our service that provides individualised itineraries for self-guided days ashore - the sort of thing you would organise for yourself if you only had the time or the knowledge! You can download a real life example below….

OK, tell me more about it….

So we specialise in bespoke individual itineraries for self-guided days ashore - covering destination ports both in the Mediterranean and in Northern Europe. Meaning we give you a whole day plan of places to go and things to see - maps, downloads, transport links, language cheat sheet, currency information - meaning all you have to do is get off the ship and have a great day!

We plan this in discussion with you, both online and by you completing a short checklist, discuss your thoughts about the destination, your budget, priorities and proposed schedule for the day. Then we use the information to prepare you a full days itinerary, focused on your own interests and objectives. We aim to provide this within a week but can be flexible to your timescales.

We offer both a full cruise itinerary or a single port option and find that this service is perfect for both new and experienced cruisers. Clinets new to cruising often do not want to book an expensive excursion but need a bit of help either deciding what to do ashore or with the logistics of travel in a new country, maybe overwhelmed by too many choices and language barriers. More seasoned voyagers use us when they are returning to a port and looking for new ideas and experiences or when they are under pressure and short of the time needed to do their own planning.

Your own special day is planned just for you - our aim is for you to step ashore

  • confident & prepared for the day ahead

  • confident that you know where you’re going and how

  • confident that you will see more of what you like and less of what you don’t

  • sure that you definitely won’t be following any umbrellas or sitting around wasting time waiting for others!

if you would like to see an example of a days itinerary there is a FREE DOWNLOAD available of a bespoke itinerary for a self guided day ashore that we prepared for a happy client. They have kindly given us permission to share it with you as an example of our service.

The download will be available immediately and we will follow up with an ebook giving more details on the service and how we can help you.