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Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

portExplore Concierge…

Are you fed up with following an umbrella?

Want to spend your day ashore without waiting for others?

But don't want to spend a fortune on a private guide?

Like to ‘go it alone’ but not sure where to start?

Overwhelmed by too many choices and language barriers?

If you like the idea of a perfect self-guided day ashore - but with all the research, planning and hard work done for you,

then you need portExplore Concierge...

We specialise in individual itineraries for self guided days, either a whole cruise itinerary or a single port option, covering ports in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe.

A short questionnaire and checklist to tell us your likes and dislikes and within a week you will have a full itinerary and plan. Perfect for new cruisers but also popular with seasoned voyagers returning to a port and looking for new ideas and experiences.

Your own special day planned just for you - if you want to give it a go just order below or you can sign up for more information and we will send you an explanatory ebook.

Your day - your way!